The main goal ofGREENWAY is the design, production and sale of lightingaccessories that meet the needsand 

expectations of consumers.

We strive to harmoniously develop the enterprise and strengthen its leading position inChina,HKand the international market.

To achieve the goal, we are improving in the following areas:

development of marketing research and advertising work;

application of advanced design methods to create world-class products;

manufacturing products using new technologies and the most modern materials;

service development


continuous modernization of the means of production;

application of a client-oriented approach at all stages of activity;

continuous improvement and improvement of the effectiveness of the processes of the quality management system;

advanced training and educational level of staff for a more complete and high-quality fulfillment of customer orders;

development of a staff motivation system.

For product quality issues, please contact theGreenwayTechnical Control Department, 

Tel:075529756655 email:cn@greenwaycs.com