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  • We will have lighting fair in Germany. OUR BOOTH IS: B60B Hall 10.3

    Frankfurt light and building exhibition, time: 3-8 march.


  • Considering the relatively strict installation requirements for outdoor cables, it is necessary to further familiarize oneself with the installation process of T-shaped waterproof connectors in order to ensure that good waterproof performance can play its due role. This is also a skill that has been mastered after a long period of construction experience summary.


  • In outdoor thunderstorm weather, LED lighting street lights must be protected against lightning and lightning, because the height and metal material of the street lamp pole are easily attacked by lightning. Therefore, outdoor LED lighting fixtures usually use internal lightning protection module lightning protection scheme, and external lightning protection scheme shell grounding. There are usually four types of lightning strikes for outdoor LED street lights: switching overvoltage, induced lightning, conducted lightning, and direct lightning.


  • Waterproof connectors, as prefabricated components frequently touched by electronic information technology professionals in the industrial field, play a role in connecting and providing safety protection devices for outdoor use of power electronic equipment and lighting street light cable wiring.


  • The street lamp distribution box is an important accessory of modern street lamps. It is installed inside the lamp post near the bottom of the street lamp, and its function is to distribute the mains power reasonably: when the mains power cable enters the street lamp from underground, it is first distributed to the luminous source on the upper part of the lamp post, and can also be connected to the next street lamp, so that each street lamp and the luminous source on each street lamp can be in a parallel circuit connection state.


  • There are various types of waterproof connectors, including docking plug connectors, wire to wire connectors, wire to wire connectors, screwless connectors, locking screw connectors, etc.