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  • As a professional manufacturer of outdoor lighting lightning arresters, Shenzhen Greenway Electronics Co., Ltd. is making continuous progress to enrich and improve its lightning arresters product line. At present, a number of lightning arrester products have successively obtained safety regulation certification. In order to facilitate customers' review and selection, the lightning arrester products of our company are summarized as follows for your reference.


  • The world-famous Qatar World Cup is being held in full swing, and all the football giants are exerting their lifelong learning to fight against each other; However, it is a pity that among these football giants, there is no Chinese men's football team with a population of 1.4 billion.


  • 2-Way Waterproof Junction Box IP68 for Garden, Outdoor, Floor (Pack of 4)


  • The Junction Box Cable Connector is safe for home, garden or construction site and is ideal for repairing and extending power cables.


  • Cable connector waterproof IP68 - cable connector with professional waterproof design, up to IP68 (4 m maximum depth under water), the seals of the sleeve provide best protection. IP68 rated for water protection and dust protection, safe and worry-free to use outdoors.


  • Through CE, TUV, CUL, ENEC and ROHS authentication, with professional waterproof design and class up to IP68, it is also flame resistant, dustproof, anti-impact to use safely under the sun or in rainy / snowy days.