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IP68 8 Way Waterproof Junction Box Cable Connector


· Through CE, TUV, CUL, ENEC and ROHS authentication, with professional waterproof design and class up to IP68, it is also flame resistant, dustproof, anti-impact to use safely under the sun or in rainy / snowy days.

· The junction box with 8 ways, and at both ends of the junction box 3 sealed sealing rings of different sizes from Ø 4-8 mm, Ø 8-12 mm, Ø 10-14 mm, the scope of application of the junction box is more extensive, so suitable for different wires.

· The junction box is equipped with an eighth interface, making the cable more stable, better to prevent the connection of the cable in the box from being short circuited. Supplied with four waterproof plugs, if you cannot use the eight holes fully, then plug the entry holes to achieve the function of waterproofing.

· Suitable for electrical installations, outdoor wiring or cable repairs. e.g. LED indicators, LED tunnel lighting, LED street lighting, LED in outdoor display, LED garden lights, LED fountain light, etc. Please screw down the can, otherwise the water will leak.

· Use with distributors, fountains, cable box, electrical cable connection boxes, earth cable, outer socket, cable boxes, waterproof, fountain, garden sockets, sleeve, garden pond, power extension cable, outdoor lighting, socket, pump, sockets, extension, outdoor sockets, pond pump, connector, etc.

IP68 8 Way Waterproof Junction Box Cable Connector

IP68 8 Way Waterproof Junction Box Cable Connector