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Electrical and Waterproof Performance of IP68 Waterproof Connector


1. The insulation performance indicators between contacts and between contacts and the shell range in magnitude from hundreds of megaohms to thousands of megaohms. The specific function of insulation resistance is an important indicator to measure the insulation performance between the various contacts of waterproof plugs and between the contacts and the shell. Its value must comply with industry regulations, otherwise it will cause the waterproof plug to not function properly or not function perfectly.

2. Electrical strength, also known as voltage resistance or dielectric withstand voltage, is the ability to withstand the rated test voltage between waterproof connector contacts or between contacts and the shell.

3. High quality electrical waterproof connectors with high contact resistance should have low and stable contact resistance. The contact resistance of waterproof connectors varies from a few milliohms to tens of milliohms. A high-quality and durable waterproof plug meets the characteristics of low and stable contact resistance applications. The contact resistance range of waterproof plugs fluctuates greatly, ranging from a few milliohms to several tens of milliohms. The parameters depend on the actual performance and characteristics of the waterproof plug.

4. The electrical appliance sinks indefinitely under the specified water pressure, ensuring that it is not damaged due to immersion and completely preventing the invasion of foreign objects and dust.

5. The testing equipment, testing conditions, and testing time for the IP68 waterproof level should be recognized by both the supply and demand parties, and its severity is naturally higher than any level below it. For example, the IP68 waterproof test of Greenway Electronics' waterproof connector is to ensure that it works for 2 weeks at a water depth of 10 meters without water ingress; After being placed in a water depth of 100 meters and subjected to 12 hours of destructive testing, the product's good performance can still be maintained.