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What are the common problems with cable waterproof connectors


1、 Electrical performance issues with waterproof connectors

The electrical performance problems caused by waterproof connectors to varying degrees during wiring interconnection are usually caused by the following factors:

1. The contact area of the waterproof connector design is too large, and the selection did not pay attention to the square mm2 of the cable and the outer diameter and inner diameter of the cable.

2. Are the processing standards, certification, and testing standards of waterproof connector terminals in compliance with market requirements.

3. The material of the internal terminal contact of the connector.

4. Waterproof and sealing performance.

2、 Short circuit problem with waterproof connectors

The short circuit of the waterproof connector is mainly due to the loose pressing of the inner contact wire and poor contact. Poor waterproof sealing, water seepage leading to short circuit. Of course, this issue is also easy to solve, as it is the most common problem with waterproof connectors and also the most concerned issue for customers.

3、 Mechanical performance issues with waterproof connectors

1. Is the initial lifespan of the waterproof connector nut and contact tested as required.

2. Does the plastic material of the waterproof connector meet the standard.

3. Is the design process and product testing of waterproof connectors standardized.

4、 Application issues with waterproof connectors

According to the usage scenario, special environments should consider the issue of raw material materials. Different models and specifications are suitable for different equipment products.