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Wiring scheme inside street lamps


The structure of traditional street lights is very simple, so the wiring method is also very simple, commonly known as "one to the top", which refers to the light source directly connected to the top of the street light from the bottom of the street light after the mains cable passes through the distribution box. However, with the advancement of technology and the improvement of safety requirements, many electrical components have been added to the interior of modern street lights. For example, according to safety regulations, circuit breakers and lightning protectors have been added to the interior of modern street light bulbs; Some regions have added components that can automatically control the power on and off of street lights in order to save energy and labor costs. These newly added spare parts greatly increase the complexity of the internal wiring of street lights: if the wiring is connected incorrectly, it can cause the street lights to not light up or have a short lifespan, and in severe cases, it can also cause significant safety hazards to the street lights! In view of this, Shenzhen Greenway Electronics Co., Ltd. will gradually introduce some commonly used wiring schemes for modern street lights and draw wiring diagrams for your reference.

The structure of modern typical street lights is mainly divided into the following parts: safety incoming line part, safety protection part, control part, and light source.

1、 Safety incoming line section

Many traditional streetlights directly connect wires, but modern streetlights have higher safety requirements, requiring that the streetlight distribution box used when the mains cable enters the interior of the streetlight must have waterproof, dustproof, and high voltage resistance requirements. Some regions require that circuit breakers be installed inside the lamp housing of street lamps: when the lamp housing needs to be inspected and repaired, once the lamp housing is opened, the street lamp will automatically cut off power to ensure the safety of operators. This is the safety incoming part of modern street lamps.

2、 Security Protection Section

The most important aspect of safety protection is the lightning protection function of street lights. Everyone is aware of the hazards of lightning strikes: not only does it damage the street lights, but it can also cause damage to the entire power supply system in the region. Therefore, the latest safety regulations for modern street lights require that street lights must have lightning protection function and require the installation of separate lightning protectors.

We have previously introduced lightning protection devices, which can be divided into parallel and series based on circuit principles; In terms of appearance, it can be divided into single side outlet and double side outlet; And the number of outgoing lines is divided into 3 lines, 4 lines, 5 lines, and up to 6 lines of lightning protection devices. Therefore, once the wiring with the lightning protection device is not properly connected, the lightning protection device will not have any effect, which will leave a significant safety hazard.

In addition, selecting appropriate wire connectors is also a part of safe wiring. The internal wire connectors of modern street lights not only need to comply with safety regulations, but some also require certain waterproof, dustproof, and high-temperature resistance requirements and functions.

3、 Control section

The control part is that some regions have added components that can automatically control the power on and off of street lights in order to save energy. The most important control electrical component is the street light light control switch. In addition, the LED driver also belongs to the control part.

4、 Light source

The light source of modern street lights is basically LED light source.

5、 Wiring principles inside the lamp housing

After the mains cable passes through the street lamp distribution box and enters the lamp housing, the wiring sequence should follow: first connect to the safety incoming part, then connect to the safety protection part, then connect to the control part, and finally connect to the light source.

If wiring is done according to the classification of electrical accessories, the order should be:

Circuit breaker → Lightning arrester → Light control switch → Driver → Light source

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