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2023 E-C27 Zhongshan Autumn Light Fair-Greenway


WE will have lighting fair inZHONGSHAN .OUR BOOTH IS :E-C27

Time:OCT 23TH-26TH

ADDRESS:China Guangdong Zhongshan · Dengdu Ancient Town Convention and Exhibition Center

Welcome if you come

Under the guidance of the People's Government of Zhongshan City, the Ancient Town Lighting Expo Zhongshan Lighting Exhibition (GILF) is jointly hosted by the China Lighting Electrical Appliances Association and the Chinese Lighting Capital (Zhongshan Ancient Town). The exhibition is based on the lighting industry cluster in Guzhen Town, the "Lighting Capital of China" with an annual output value of over 100 billion yuan. It strengthens the platform charm of "professional exhibition at the source, connecting global customers", and the main venue, the Lantern Capital Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, strongly collaborates with Lihe, Huayi, Xingguang, Times, Street Lamp City and other lighting stores in the town to create a gathering of 3000 famous enterprises, empower enterprises, and create a new engine of growth.

In addition to optimizing and upgrading indoor decorative lighting fixtures, comprehensive exhibition areas, home lighting, commercial lighting, and outdoor lighting exhibition areas, the Guzhen Light Expo Zhongshan Lighting Exhibition (GILF) also added dedicated lighting exhibition areas. Targeted and functional engineering lighting fixtures can be found here. The manufacturing zone for supporting lighting services has incorporated machinery, raw materials, accessory components, services, and other resources into the bag, initiating a trend of production automation and diversified personalized customization. During the exhibition, 20 high-end industry conferences and forums will be held, allowing you to communicate closely with industry experts, understand the lighting industry, capture market information, stay close to market pulse, and capture market opportunities.

The economic and industrial structure of ancient towns is very prominent, with individual and private economies being very active, accounting for over 95% of the total economic output. The lighting industry is the leading industry and economic pillar of the ancient town. Since its development in 1982, it has formed a lighting industry cluster centered around ancient towns, covering 11 towns and districts in the surrounding three cities, with an annual output value exceeding 100 billion yuan. It has become one of the world's major lighting professional markets and the largest lighting professional production base and wholesale market in China. A new regional international trade trading platform that combines multiple trade methods. Its products are not only best-selling nationwide, but also exported to more than 130 countries and regions such as Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Japan, the United States, and Europe, enjoying great popularity and reputation.

The Guzhen Lamp Expo Zhongshan Lighting Exhibition (GILF) guides more enterprises to follow the trend of the intelligent era and accelerate innovation, providing the driving force for the lighting industry to find new breakthroughs.