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863 Quick-connect Terminal


The 863 quick-connect terminal series uses an easy-to-operate plug-in connection for electrical connection.

863 quick connection terminal consists of four parts: upper cover, metal dome, main body, and grounding plate. The shrapnel presses the wire tightly, the upper cover pressing piece is responsible for the exit line, the grounding plate is inserted into the bottom hole, and the connection terminal is usually used in the distribution box. Or inside the junction box is more convenient wiring, the power received is generally smaller. The plug-in type design is more time-saving and convenient than the lock screw, which greatly saves the assembly cost.
Shrapnel black
Various problems often occur in the use of the terminal block. If the terminals are black, one possibility is not necessarily black, and the oxidation may also be black. So how do we verify that it is not blackened? The method we take is to wipe it with your fingers. If it can be wiped off, like soot, it is a black substance that is oxidized and can only be worn off with sandpaper or a file. Greenway experts remind you that one thing to note here is: Don‘t use your fingers when you are charged! Another possibility is to burn it dark. In addition to fire and qigong masters, there is only one possibility, that is, the terminals are overheated. There are two possible causes for high temperatures: Loose terminals cause excessive contact resistance and thus overheating; the terminals are not loose but the circuit is overcurrent due to some unknown cause, for example, the power supply voltage is too high, or the load is short-circuited.
1. the voltage is too high. Can check from the source, the transformer secondary voltage - voltage in the distribution box - the voltage of each electrical equipment.
2. ground fault. It can also be checked from the transformer and then grounded to the distribution box. The grounding should be grounded, and the normal phase line should exclude ground faults.