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In global terminals under the situation of technical change speed ,the connector of the maturity of the product is widely used in various industries of national economy,as China becomes the factory of the world,the rapid development of manufacturing for the terminal product provides larger and larger market space .However,today the terminal market can also be said to be the world of the foreigners . Ashkenazi and other European and American countries occupy a relatively large market share .

With the continuous improvement of the technical field ,the structure and R&D technology of the terminal itself has also been innovated from generation to generation.China’s terminal industry has also ushered in a revolution in the course of catching up with the development of similar foreign products . 

Today ,China’s domestic terminal market is expanding,technology is improving ,and talents are increasing.With the increase of state support and the increase in investment of private enterprises,local terminal companies will usher in their golden age .However,the Shenzhen Greenway Electronic Co ., Ltd executive meeting believes that such an era is long-lasting. It is necessary to make the technology more advanced,that is ,to constantly surpass technology .Only in this way can we ensure that local products have greater advantages than foreign products. With the increasingly frequent use of domestic terminal series products in the field of wiring .more and more users have put forward more requirements for it . For this reason,the structure and wiring of the terminal have undergone great changes. From the initial single structural change,a variety of wiring structures are extended,divided in to categories,suitable for a variety of wiring environments ,and greatly facilitate our use.At the same time ,the structure of the terminal blocks is becoming more and more humanized,and the wiring speed is also greatly increased,reducing the labor intensity of workers. At the same time ,the reliability of the terminal blocks is getting higher and higher . New production processes and technical equipment are put into use. Scientific production processes and quality control methods have greatly improved the quality and life of the terminal blocks.
In the next few years ,with the continuous development of the electronic information industry,the demand for pluggable terminal products in the Chinese market will continue to expand.It is expected that the annual growth rate of the pluggable terminal block market in China will remain at around 15% in the next five years . By 2020,China’s terminal market sales will reach 180 billion yuan,so it is estimated that by 2021 China’s terminal market sales will exceed 200 billion yuan.The good market development prospects make China pluggable terminal market alive.

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