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IP68 waterproof connector test standard

The criterion for judging the tightness of the waterproof connector is the IP waterproof grade standard. Mainly look at the two numbers behind IP, the first number is from 0 to 6; the second number is from 0 to 8. Therefore, the highest waterproof level of the waterproof connector is IP68. Different IP waterproof grades have different test standards, especially the test of ip68 waterproof grade. The test equipment, test conditions and test time should be approved by both the supplier and the buyer. Its severity is much higher than IP67.

       The IP68 test standard is continuous immersion under a certain pressure. Shenzhen Greenway Electronics Co., Ltd.'s IP68 waterproof connector connectors (ip68 waterproof junction box, IP68 waterproof connector) have been tested by the certification company, and the waterproof junction box has obtained the European standard ENEC, KEMA, CE, CB certificate and the Australian standard SAA certificate . The water depth is 10 meters, and the water is continuously immersed for 150 hours without water ingress. The waterproof connector has obtained the European standard ENEC, KEMA, CE,, CB certificate; the American standard ETL certificate and the Australian standard SAA certificate, the water depth is 20 meters, and the continuous immersion is 150 hours without water.

       The connector of Greenway Electronics Co., Ltd. uses high waterproof silicone sealing ring, waterproof rubber plug and anti-reverse cable joint, in order to prevent the thermal expansion and contraction of the connector during use, which causes the cable joint to become loose and cannot be waterproof. .

       In the actual use of the waterproof connector, due to changes in the environment, thermal expansion and contraction will occur, so the test standards will also vary with the environment. Therefore, customers will simulate thermal expansion and contraction for testing, and during the testing process, they need to make corresponding adjustments according to the actual use environment. If the connector is used underwater, the temperature rise test must be performed after the connector is immersed in water and the temperature reaches the specified temperature, instead of heating the product first and then immersing it in water. If the connector is in an outdoor environment, the continuous heating can be tested by simulated rain.

Greenway connector has high water resistance and strict testing standards, which is your best choice.