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M16-PG9 Power Cable Connectors


· 1.Junction Box Power Cable Connectors. ATB-M16-PG93 is a safe DIY tool. Can be used to repair and extend power cables. 2 Channel (3-pole) M16 plug connector, with two sizes of rubber ring.Available for 2 or 3-core cables,Cable Size : Ø4-8mm. the connectors include "live wire"&"neutral wire"&"earth wire". Rated voltage: Max 450v, rated current: Max 9A

· 2.Waterproof Grade:IP68 Waterproof / Moisture-proof / Dust-proof. Rubber rings and clamping nuts provide the perfect waterproof and excellent sealing, strong waterproof used indoor or outdoor cable wiring connection.Also can be used in the water,but no more than 3 meters

· 3.High quality Material:ATB-M16-PG93,the casing is made of nylon PA66 with high temperature resistance( -40° C - 110° C); The inner conductor is cooper core filling for better abrasion resistance and electronic conductivity;The sealing element is rubber Ring with perfect waterproof level.

· 4.Easy Installation and secure.Unscrew the two ends of connector casing, insert wire through directly, fix the wires inside the poles by screwdriver, then tighten the nuts. ATB-M16-PG93 cable connector installed in any place where it needs. Note:When finished, check that all nuts are tight.

· 5.Application. ATB-M16-PG93 suit for Indoor or outdoor Cable connection,Such as tri-proof lights,garden lights,tunnel lights,led flood lights,landscape lights,wall lamps,high bay,Canopy lamps,.etc.It is also a good DIY tool for repairing or extending your po.