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How to waterproof and moisture-proof the street light distribution box


As street light distribution boxes are often unavoidably exposed to wind and rain, the waterproof and moisture-proof work must be done well. A little carelessness may cause the machine to strike. But what should be paid attention to?

(1) The equipment will be cleaned by stopping the motor to keep the distribution box clean.

(2) Airtight distribution box. For the ventilation windows and vents of the high-pressure room, air filtration measures shall be implemented in accordance with the regulations. Keep the high-pressure indoor air clean.

(3) The cable trenches, cable tunnels, and cable holes under the distribution box are waterproof and sealed, and natural ventilation and moisture drainage channels are installed to keep the cable tunnel air dry.

(4) Add rain rides to the distribution box.

(5) Eliminate the rain leakage defect on the top of the distribution box in time.

(6) The iron plate at the bottom of the outgoing indoor closed bus bridge is changed to a steel mesh plate, or a gap of 100mm (near the wall) is opened transversely. When rainwater enters from the outlet through the wall sleeve fixing steel plate, it can be taken from The gap is discharged. Cannot enter the switch cabinet.

(7) For switch cabinets with low insulation margin and poor operating environment, install SXSEPRI-NL anti-condensation device/top-mounted dehumidification device to automatically control according to humidity. Drain the moisture in the cabinet.