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What are the advantages of cylindrical waterproof connectors?


Waterproof connectors are electronic components and plug-ins for connecting cable wiring. Waterproof connectors can be used in complex environment with water and humidity, have excellent waterproof function, can withstand certain water pressure / buried pressure, and ensure the normal use of internal mechanical and electrical properties of connectors. Waterproof connectors are generally divided into cylindrical or square types, Why should it be designed into a cylindrical type? Let's share the problems related to the cylindrical waterproof connector.

First of all, why should we design the cylindrical waterproof connector? The Structural Engineer considers the use scenario at the design place, and changes and upgrades the price after continuous testing and experimental scenarios. Finally, it is determined that the cylindrical plastic structure connector is more suitable for underwater or buried, aerospace and other special fields, and the cylindrical structure can better withstand water pressure and air pressure. It was first applied in the military field, and gradually applied to civil use with the development and progress.

Cylindrical waterproof connector is a coupling device with circular interface and cylindrical contact shell (commonly known as male and female plug-in connector). Of course, there are also conventional cable butt connection inner core + sleeve waterproof connector (without male and female plug-in attribute), which has a variety of materials, sizes, contact layout and types and coupling design. These circular connectors are usually used for data, signal and power connection in automation, manufacturing, military, aerospace and transportation industries because of their strong mechanical properties and easy connectivity. Due to the wide range of contacts, voltages and currents, they are also very versatile and flexible according to application requirements. Circular waterproof connector can also be called circular aviation plug, circular aviation plug or circular interconnection. It is a multi pin electrical connector with cylindrical basic structure and circular mating surface. In the interconnection classification, it belongs to class 5 and is used for interconnection between equipment. Industrial Circular connectors include contacts for transmitting data and power, broadly including low-frequency circular connectors, RF coaxial connectors and audio connectors. The cylindrical structure of circular connector has natural firmness and higher strength than any other shape.

What are the advantages of circular waterproof connector

● what are the advantages of round waterproof connectors - contact resistance

This is a very common electrical performance in waterproof circular connectors. The contact resistance of a high-quality connector should be relatively stable. Generally, its resistance fluctuation can range from a few milliohms to tens of milliohms.

● what are the advantages of round waterproof connector - insulation resistance of waterproof plug

The insulation resistance of waterproof circular connector is also one of the main indicators of its electrical performance. The insulation resistance can measure the insulation performance between the contact and the shell of the connector. In the industry regulations, its insulation range ranges from hundreds of megaohms to several gigaohms.

In addition, the waterproof circular connector has other electrical properties, such as reflection coefficient, characteristic impedance, current and so on

● what are the advantages of round waterproof connector - energy saving and environmental protection

Waterproof cable connector is more stable in electrical connection and lower in contact resistance, reducing energy consumption. Therefore, it is more obvious in energy saving than previous connectors. In addition, it is very good in environmental protection and reduces environmental pollution.

● what are the advantages of round waterproof connector - high transmission efficiency

Designers understand the connection function of connectors when designing products. Waterproof cable connectors can connect different circuits. In order to achieve the effect of power on, its transmission efficiency is higher.

● what are the advantages of round waterproof connector - "three jaw chuck" design

In terms of male and female plug connection, the design of "three claw chuck" is adopted, which can accurately guide the male and female plug, accurately fix it, and reduce the leakage caused by inaccurate fixing.

● what are the advantages of round waterproof connector - small shape and no space

Waterproof cable connectors are designed to be more compact and flexible, so they can better hide themselves without occupying space.

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