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What are the functions of Small Indoor Junction Box?


The wires in the Small Indoor Junction Box are connected in the junction box to protect the wires and connect the wires. 

The thermocouple and thermal resistance junction box is a device used to fix the wiring seat and serve as a connector. It plays the role of protecting the temperature sensing element from the erosion of the external atmosphere and making the external wire and the terminal in good contact. According to the measured temperature object and Site environmental conditions and requirements. In addition to ordinary junction boxes, splash-proof, waterproof and plug-in junction boxes are also designed. If we assemble various types of junction boxes into thermocouple and RTD products, these products are correspondingly splash-proof, waterproof and plug-in thermocouples and RTDs. 

Requirements for using Small Indoor Junction Box:

1. The shell should have strong anti-aging and UV resistance; 

2. Meet the requirements for use in harsh outdoor environments; 

3. The self-locking function makes the connection more convenient and firm; 

4. There must be waterproof sealing design, scientific anti-electric shock insulation protection, and better safety performance; 

5. The terminals should be installed firmly and have good weldability with the confluence; 

6. The main function of the diode is the one-way conduction function; 

7. Connector and connecting wire: It has good insulation performance, and the male and female plugs have a self-locking function, which is more convenient and reliable for the connection between the solar panel and the electrical connection.