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Wiring Scheme of Street Light


The structure of the traditional street light is very simple, so the wiring method is also very simple. It directly connects to the light source from the bottom of the street light after the mains cable through the distribution box. Commonly known as "one connection to the top". However, with the advancement of technology and the improvement of safety requirements, many electrical components have been added to the interior of modern street lights. Such as the circuit breakers and surge protector have been added to the interior of modern street light. In order to save energy and labor costs, some regions have added parts that can automatically control the power on and power off of street lights. These newly added parts greatly increase the complexity of the internal wiring of the street light. If the wiring is wrong, the street light will not be bright or its life will not be long, and the street light also have a great safety hazard! In view of this, Shenzhen Greenway Electronic Co., Ltd. will introduce some common wiring schemes for modern street lights, and draw wiring diagrams for your reference.

The structure of the modern typical street light is mainly divided into the following parts: safety inlet part, safety protection part, control part and light source.

一、Safety Inlet Part
Many traditional street lights are directly connected to the line, but modern street lights have higher safety requirements. The distribution box used when the mains cable enters the street light must have waterproof, dustproof and high voltage resistance function. In some regions, circuit breakers must be installed inside the light housing. When the light needs to be inspected and repaired, once the light housing is turned on, the street light will automatically cut off power to ensure the safety of the operator. This is the safe entry part of modern street lights.

二、Safety Protection Part
The most important part of the safety protection is the lightning protection function of the street light. We all know the hazards of lightning strikes: it not only breaks the street lights, but also damages the power supply system of the entire regions. Therefore, the latest safety regulations of modern street lights that must have a lightning protection function and need to install a separate lightning protection device.

We have introduced the lightning protection device before. From the circuit principle, it is divided into parallel and series. In appearance, it is divided into single-sided outlet and two-sided outlet. And the number of outlets is divided into 3 lines, 4 lines, and 5 lines. There are up to 6 lines of lightning protection devices. Therefore, once the wiring with the lightning protection device is not connected, the lightning protection device will not play any role at all, which will leave a big safety hazard.

In addition, choosing the right wire connector is also part of the safe wiring. The wire connectors inside modern street lights must not only meet the requirements of safety regulations, but some also require certain waterproof, dustproof and high temperature resistance requirements and functions.

三、Control Part 
The control part is that in order to save energy, some areas have added parts that can automatically control the power on and off of the street lights. The most important such control electrical part is the street light control switch. In addition, the LED driver also belongs to the control part.

四、Light Source

The light sources of modern street lights basically use LED light sources.


五、Wiring Principle inside the Lamp Housing

After the mains cable comes out of the street light distribution box and enters the light housing, the wiring sequence should be connected to the safe incoming line first, then to the safety protection part, then to the control part, and finally to the light source.

If it is connected according to the classification of electrical accessories, the order should be:

Circuit Breakers → Surge Protector → Light Control Switch → Driver →Light Source


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