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Free driver solution for outdoor lighting


Nowadays, LED light sources are widely used in outdoor lighting fixtures, and there is another very important component in the fixtures, that is, the driver, LED luminaries cannot be used without it. Meanwhile, the importance of the driver also makes it expensive, it’s an important part of the cost of outdoor lighting fixtures, the quality of LED drivers varies will also cause the quality of lighting products to be unstable.

So the question is, can we not use LED drivers? This can not only reduce the cost of outdoor LED lamps, but also reduce the possibility of failure of LED lamps.

In fact, we can think of this solution, the big players in the industry have long thought of it, and some have already implemented it a few years ago, but why are few manufacturers in the industry using the driver-less solution? It is because in the process of actual use, the cost of LED lamps has dropped, but the failure has increased, and most of the failures are caused by the burnout of the light source. Therefore, although the driver-less solution can effectively reduce the cost, due to the high damage rate, few outdoor lighting manufacturers are willing to adopt the LED driver-less solution in recent years.

During normal use, the life of LED lighting is very long. The main reason for the high failure rate of outdoor undriven LED lamps is that the withstand voltage of the LED light source is very low, which can only withstand about 500 volts at most, it can be used when the voltage fluctuation range is not large; but when used in outdoors, an ordinary lightning strike will exceed the withstand voltage of the LED light source, so an ordinary lightning strike can directly destroy the LED light source!

The above is the reason why the early drive-less solution is not feasible, so the key is to find a targeted solution, but unfortunately, the technical level a few years ago cannot completely solve this problem. But what is gratifying is that with the progress and development of modern technology, it is possible to solve the above problems.

First of all, the manufacturing technology of the rectifier bridge inside the LED light panel can already achieve a maximum withstand voltage of 1000 volts. Secondly, the progress of lightning arrester technology can greatly enhance the lightning resistance of outdoor lighting fixtures, after the lightning arrester is struck by lightning, it can output a very low residual voltage, which is as low as 40% of the maximum withstand voltage of the LED light source rectifier bridge, which completely solves the problem of damage to LED outdoor lighting.

According to the needs in the market, Shenzhen Greenway Electronic Co., Ltd. has specially developed and produced the M998 series lightning arresters, which suitable for outdoor non-driving LED lighting solutions,it divided into two products with a maximum tolerance of 10KV and 20KV, we has obtained the safety certification of the German TUV, and will take the safety certification of other regions then.

In addition, we can also provide mature driver-less solutions for the majority of outdoor LED lighting manufacturers!