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Hazard examples of using inferior lightning protectors


In the first two articles, we shared several examples of lightning protection products with special requirements. Someone asked Xiaobian: the customers shared above are all from the lighting industry. Are there any non lighting customers who also have special requirements for lightning protection products?

Alas, don't tell me. It's true! The customer we share below is not a customer in the lighting industry, but a customer producing network equipment, located in Zhejiang Province.

Nature of customer: a network equipment manufacturing plant in Zhejiang

As a manufacturer of network equipment, the customer has a special requirement for the lightning protector, that is, the higher the energy absorption and dissipation of the lightning protector, the better, at least more than 1000 joules;

Moreover, the customer not only has strong technical strength, but also has advanced internal laboratory equipment and perfect lightning stroke test capability;

Customer's products: the main product is network equipment, so we pay special attention to the requirements of lightning protection devices!

Requirements of the customer: different from the requirements of the lighting factory that the whole lamp must pass the 500V and 1500V insulation and voltage withstand test, the customer requires that the lightning protector can reach the protection level of ≥ 1000 joules; Other lightning protector suppliers have been asked to provide samples before, but they have never passed the tests of their company's laboratories;

Test process: at that time, the customer's procurement and our business communication did not make clear the special requirements, so we provided the conventional lightning protector sample with the model of gspd1 at the beginning of December 2020. After the test, the other party's engineers reported that the energy absorption and dissipation values could not reach the 1000 joules required by the other party.

After direct communication between our engineers and the technicians of the other party, it was found that the other party did not explain their special requirements at the beginning. So we changed the design scheme again according to the customer's special requirements, and provided samples to the other party for testing. The good news soon came, and the newly provided samples passed the test at one time!


In particular, the Joule value required by the customer refers to the energy absorption / dissipation capacity - this nominal value represents how much energy the surge lightning protector can absorb before burning, and the unit is Joule;

The higher the value, the better the protection performance of the lightning protector. We suggest that the nominal value of the lightning protector purchased by the customer should be at least 200 to 400 joules higher than the parameter required by the customer; For better protection performance, it is recommended to use products above 1200 joules; Of course, the higher the value, the higher the product cost and unit price.

At present, this network equipment manufacturer has been purchasing the lightning protector products produced by our Shenzhen greenway Electronics Co., Ltd. during the sampling inspection for each delivery, no defective products have been found. At the same time, it also highly recognizes the technical strength of our Shenzhen greenway electronics subsidiary Co., Ltd. He also said that if their company has new product development, we would prefer the lightning protector products of Shenzhen greenway Electronics Co., Ltd.