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Introduction of electronic connector

An electronic connector, also known as a circuit connector, is a conductor device that Bridges two conductors on a circuit so that current or signals can flow from one conductor to the other. It is widely used in all kinds of electrical lines, plays the role of connecting or disconnecting current or signal. This connection may be temporary and easily inserted, or it may be a permanent junction between electrical equipment or wires.
An electronic connector is a device for transmitting electronic signals (analog signals or digital signals), which can provide a separate interface to connect two sub-electronic systems. It is a component used to complete electrical connections between circuits or electronic machines. Such as: power plug/socket, IC pin, telephone plug, etc. Widely used in electronics industry.
An electronic connector is a motor system that provides a detachable interface for connecting two sub-electronic systems. Simply put, the component used to complete the electrical connection between circuits or electronic machines is called a connector, or bridge between the two. Electronics can be used as electrical/electronic transmission and connection parts between circuits, components and systems, so that power, signal and current can be stable and reliable circulation, and convenient product assembly, maintenance and replacement.
 electronic connector