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Share several examples of the successful implementation of the drive free scheme for outdoor lighting fixtures


Some time ago, I'm not only wrote an introduction about the drive free scheme of outdoor LED lighting, but also shared the practical application examples of two outdoor LED lighting factories that successfully used the drive free scheme.

Today, we will continue to share the examples of two other outdoor LED lighting manufacturers who actually use the LED drive free scheme. One of them is a manufacturer of outdoor LED street lamps, located in Shenzhen; The other is a company located in Shanghai. Its outdoor LED lamps are very special, which are outdoor LED channel lamps. I will make a detailed introduction later. In short, these two outdoor lighting manufacturers are very representative and have great reference and reference significance!

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01 introduction

About customer 3: an optoelectronic company in Shenzhen, whose main products are outdoor LED street lamps. In 2019, we received an order for 4000 sets of outdoor LED street lamps exported to Brazil in South America. At that time, the volume and transaction amount of this order were relatively large, so the customer's requirements for the unit price of the product were relatively low; After repeated weighing, the company finally chose the drive free technical solution we provided, because the cost can be reduced by more than 200 yuan at one stroke, which greatly increases the competitiveness of the company's products!

At that time, the company generally felt that the adoption of the drive free technical scheme was relatively aggressive and had relatively large technical risks, but the situation forced it to do so. We understand the customer's worries and ambivalence, so we have also made full communication and explanation with the customer's technicians, and analyzed the technical characteristics and feasibility of our drive free scheme; Then the technical personnel of the company also made full and rigorous tests, and finally eliminated concerns and reached a consensus. By October 2019, the company delivered all 4000 sets of outdoor LED street lamp products to Brazilian customers on time.

The story is not over yet: by November 2021, Brazilian customers reported that a total of two street lamps were damaged. After inspection, the lightning arrester was damaged, but other parts were not damaged, especially the most important LED light source board. There was no problem, and it could be restored by replacing a lightning arrester.

Here is a special point to note: the area where the street lamp is installed and used by the Brazilian customer is close to the equator of the earth, which belongs to a strong lightning strike area. Therefore, at the beginning, we suggested that the customer had better use a 20kV lightning arrester, so that the protection effect will be better! But the final customer did not adopt it, because the cost of 20kV lightning arrester is still much higher than that of 10kV lightning arrester.

02 conclusion

The drive free outdoor LED lighting solution mainly promoted by Shenzhen greenway Electronics Co., Ltd. is the mainstream solution of drive free lighting lamps in the market at present. We can provide a complete set of complete and mature technical solutions, supporting the use of m998 series of special drive free lightning arresters developed and produced by our company. They have obtained the safety certification of German TUV, American ETL and Chinese CQC. They have withstood the test of time and proved to be mature, reliable and safe drive free lighting solutions!

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