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Why do lighting fixtures require junction box connections?


Lighting products are consumables, and incandescent LED lamps have a lifespan, which may cause malfunctions or other man-made damages during normal use. Lamps can be replaced, but the circuit design is fixed. When connecting cables, the convenience of lamp replacement and maintenance is taken into consideration. The junction box or terminal solves this pain point. The junction box is different and manual wiring is complex, and maintenance is inconvenient. Firstly, the junction box is cheaper and has higher stability and safety. Except for special circumstances, switches, sockets, and lighting fixtures must all have wiring boxes.


1. Easy to repair

In actual household electricity consumption, it can be said that line faults caused by the joint bow account for the majority. For example, if the connector is hot drawn or the starting circuit is burnt out, or if the connector is loose after prolonged use, it may result in poor contact. So it is necessary to assemble junction boxes in the areas with joints, in order to facilitate maintenance if there are any faults in the later stage.

2. Protective joint

If junction boxes are not used at the joints of switches, sockets, lighting fixtures, etc., leakage may occur if water drips; If there is a lot of dust, it is easy to cause a short circuit; Other organisms are prone to causing electrical leakage, electric shock, and other situations.

3. Flame retardant and insulation

As the usage time increases, the joints of switches, sockets, lamps, etc. are prone to loosening and heating, which can cause combustion at the joints in severe cases. Junction boxes are generally flame retardant, which can effectively prevent the spread of fire.

When exposed copper or insulation damage occurs at the junction, the junction box can effectively separate the exposed copper from the ground (wall) to prevent leakage.

4. Certified

If the product is exported to other countries, lighting fixtures need to obtain relevant certification. The appearance, internal structure, and cables of lighting fixtures have corresponding requirements, so the cable connections must be well protected, and the junction box connectors play a protective role

5.Special circumstances

In some special cases, junction boxes may not be used, such as lighting fixtures on the ceiling or pre buried cable lines, as well as the small space and location of the lines themselves, or welded wiring may be used.