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What is the standard for selecting waterproof connectors for waterproofing and dust prevention?


The use of waterproof connectors for the interconnection of outdoor and indoor power equipment ensures reliable power and signal connections while ensuring waterproofing. Because there are a lot of complex factors in the current usage environment of electronic devices, especially underwater, there are countless electronic devices that work underwater, all of which require waterproof connectors to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Especially in homes, outdoor lighting fixtures, street lights, guardrails, aquaculture, underfloor heating, riverside neon lights, medical products, and cars, a large number of waterproof connectors are used. Waterproof connectors can greatly ensure the safety of our outdoor and indoor electricity use, but this is not the only thing. The main thing is that we should be careful and develop a habit of safe electricity use in these areas in our daily lives, Starting from thinking and thinking, reduce the danger to a minimum.

Advantages of Greenway waterproof connectors

1.IP68 connectors.Waterproof grade, excellent sealing performance. The highest waterproof level of the waterproof connector can reach the IP68 standard.

2. Waterproof connectors are high-quality and highly designed products for working in water environments. So security certification and testing reports are essential, as the connector not only ensures a reasonable connection scheme for customers, but also brings a sense of security and reliability.

3. The waterproof connector has the characteristics of fast and convenient installation.No screws connector.

IP68 waterproof connectors are suitable for continuous immersion under a certain pressure, which can prevent water from entering during complete and continuous submergence. IP68 waterproof connectors can be selected for normal use. The IP68 waterproof connector is suitable for immersion in water, with a water depth of less than 20 meters, and can be used normally.

Generally, Mostly people use more IP67 waterproof connectors in streetlights, guardrail pipes, aquaculture, and underfloor heating supply. IP68 waterproof connectors are used for ships, neon lights on riverbanks, and other waterproof products that come into contact with water for a long time. Waterproof plugs, waterproof wires, sockets, and other products used at home are generally IP67 waterproof connectors.

So,We suggest thatcan using Greenway IP68 connector. people with poor living habits should pay special attention to the hidden dangers caused by water and electricity. Many people use their hands with water to check the power supply in daily life, which is very dangerous. Even if a waterproof plug is used, it is inevitable that water will slip into the socket, causing unnecessary safety accidents.