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What problems have waterproof connectors solved?


Waterproof connectors, as prefabricated components frequently touched by electronic information technology professionals in the industrial field, play a role in connecting and providing safety protection devices for outdoor use of power electronic equipment and lighting street light cable wiring.

1. Waterproof performance: Outdoor water resistant type that can withstand direct water spray in any direction and will not enter the interior. It can be immersed in water for a long time under certain pressure, mainly protecting against water and rainwater environments. The waterproof level is IP66-IP68. IP66 is mainly used on ships, while IP68 is mainly used in submerged water environments to solve the power interconnection of outdoor electronic equipment lighting fixtures and the safety of electricity use in humid environments, effectively preventing the threat of leakage to life and property.

2. Dust prevention performance: prevents solid objects larger than 1mm from entering, prevents harmful dust accumulation, and completely prevents dust from entering. The power signal transmission of equipment is not affected by external environmental factors, and protected equipment does not affect performance and stability.

3. Fireproof and flame-retardant: Fireproof and flame-retardant protective materials, usually added with flame retardants, are materials that can prevent combustion but are not easily combustible themselves, preventing the exacerbation and expansion of the combustion range. Reduce the risk of fire when there is a short circuit between power lines.

4. High temperature resistance: Usually, raw materials have corresponding UL certification standards, and the temperature is generally between -40 and 110 ° C, which does not affect the operation of the equipment within a specific working temperature range.

5. Aging resistance: The ability of raw materials and their products to withstand aging, usually in complex outdoor environments, to prevent rapid aging from affecting equipment and reduce its maintenance costs.

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