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LED street lighting special lightning arrester


In outdoor thunderstorm weather, LED lighting street lights must be protected against lightning and lightning, because the height and metal material of the street lamp pole are easily attacked by lightning. Therefore, outdoor LED lighting fixtures usually use internal lightning protection module lightning protection scheme, and external lightning protection scheme shell grounding. There are usually four types of lightning strikes for outdoor LED street lights: switching overvoltage, induced lightning, conducted lightning, and direct lightning.

Surge Protection Device (SPD) is an indispensable device in lightning protection of electronic devices. Its working principle is that under normal circumstances, the SPD is in a state of extremely high resistance, ensuring the normal operation of the power system; When there is a surge overvoltage or overcurrent on the system circuit, the resistance of SPD suddenly changes or continuously decreases to low impedance. SPD immediately conducts within nanoseconds, releasing the surge energy into the earth through SPD; After the surge, the surge protector quickly returns to a high resistance state, which does not affect the normal power supply of the system. The function of street light lightning arrester is to enter the protection system into the equipotential system in a short period of time (at the nanoscale), making all ports of the equipment equipotential. At the same time, the huge pulse energy generated by lightning strikes in the circuit is released to the ground through a short circuit, reducing the potential difference at each interface end of the equipment, thereby protecting the equipment.

LED Street Lighting Special Lightning Arrester

Product Parameters



Rated Working Voltage (Un)


Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage(Uc)


Nominal Discharge Current (In)(8/20μs)


Maximum Discharge Current(Imax)(8/20μs)


Voltage Protection Level(8/20μs In) (Up)


Protection Mode


Response Time 



330 Joules

Waterproof Level


Flame Retardant Level


Connection Wire Cross-section(L/+,N/-)


Cross Section of Grounding Wire(PE)


Work Environment

Ambient Temperature:-40℃~+85℃; Altitude≤3km

Relative Humidity



Parallel and Series Installation

Shell Material

Flame Retardant Plastic

Test Basis

UL1449, IEC61643-11

LED Street Lighting Special Lightning Arrester

Precautions for installing lightning arresters

1. All ports at the output end of the lightning arrester are connected to the protected equipment.

2. Do not reverse or connect the live and neutral wires incorrectly.

3. The closer the lightning arrester is installed at the front end of the protected equipment, the better the effect.

4. The equipment needs regular inspection and must be replaced immediately after the product deteriorates.

5. Remember not to work with electricity.

6. The grounding must be good and the grounding resistance should not exceed 4 ohms.

7. A short-circuit device should be installed at the front end of the lightning arrester to ensure that it does not deteriorate and cause a fire due to a short circuit.