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The application of through-type terminal block in lighting industry


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Through type terminal blocks, in terms of the lighting market, also has many kinds, but still the most used white 12 bar terminals, the distance between points include: 8 MM, 10 MM, 12 MM, 13.5 MM, lighting lamps and lanterns manufacturer mainly apply such through type terminals to ballast, for the use of electrical connections.The through-through terminal can be cut into different lengths according to the requirements, because it is convenient, fast, and safe by many lighting manufacturers.Compared with the linear connector, it shows good heat dissipation performance, and plays a vital role in the product life of lighting enterprises.
Through type terminals are very mature terminal products, have also been used for years in the domestic market, and be able to widely used in lighting industry of lamps and lanterns, in this respect, also reflected the through type terminals and lamps and lanterns of lighting industry matching degree is very high.
Through type terminal blocks in terms of use, very convenient, just connect the two conductors, and remove the simple installation, easy to replace, and fast speed, separation, smooth and stable, good frequency characteristic can be obtained.Suitable for all types of wires with sections ranging from 0.5 mm to 30 mm.Specific include to take fuse and do not take fuse two kinds, the product accords with IE, UL wait for each international standard.