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Why IP67 Buried Lights Still Leaking?


T3 IP67 LED street lamp head surge protection device

Many people may doubt that why using IP67 buried light in project, sometimes there would still be leaking, even international brands with IP67 test report

So why the IP67 buried lights still leak? 
To know the leaking reason, firstly you need figure out what’s IP67 mean.
IPX7 indicates that putting equipment into water of specified pressure, after specified time, the water leak into shell does not reach harmful level.
The reason why buried lights still leaking? It could be summarized as following 4 reasons:
① unreasonable design
② defective material
③ defective process
④ wrong installation
1. Unreasonable design
For example, some lamps achieve waterproof by glue-irrigation, their waterproof performance is good when leave out the factory, never leaking.
But they would turn yellow and aging after half year exposed to outdoor environment, then the water leaking in
So glue-irrigation is not reliable to make waterproof, the core is structural waterproof.
And some of the lamps cover didn’t pressed enough, As we all know that the buried lights are always in the water erosion environment, unpressed would easily lead to leakage
Do you think they would be waterproof by glue-irrigation?
General testing standard is soaking light in certain temperature condition, no water leak after certain time, it pass the IP67 test.
But actually lights would used in complex environment. Expand with heat and contract with cold, the air would be inflated when lights on, and comprassed when off, such a cycle called respiratory effect, the pressure change caused by respiratory effect would affect the waterproof performance, lead to leaking.
The irrational structure of the lamp lead to non standard durability

2. Defective material
The defective material may lead to leaking.
There are many key material would influent waterproof performance, such as nuts, sealants, silicon rings, etc., they work well when just installed, but the durability is not enough.
Even the silicon rings won‘t go aging, if silicone made by organic material, then it‘s likely to be mold by decomposition, then it leaking.
So the choice of material is very important.
3. Defective process
For example, the whole lamp pressure circle should be very dense in the assembly process, each screw has a fixed torque, press too tight will crush the rubber ring, press too loose the ring is not tight enough, so there will be a fixed torque.
There are quality assurance companies designed a certain torque, some companies without design and equipments, would just twist it manualy in assembly.
Then how about well-known international brands? with good design and material. so the buried lights won‘t leak?
The answer is NOT!
Why it still leaking? At this point there just one reason, that‘s wrong installation.

4. Wrong installation
①Unstable installation
The general reason is that the installation is not flat. One side high while another side lower, plus the pressure from pedestrians or cars, the rubber ring will lose its elasticity because of too much pressure, and then it will leak.
②"short-term waterproof"
If the drainage is not good, lights would appear leaking while soak in water for long time, the IP67 of the buried lights represents a short time waterproof. Long time soaked in water without leaking is IP68 grade - underwater lights.
Buried lights can not be soaked in water for long time.
There should be enough space under lights to put gravel and crushed sand, and drainage pip at bottom, so that the water can be drained, won‘t let lights soak in water for long time. 
If buried lights soak in water for long time, the environment would be even worse than in the pool. As ground often been cleaned by oxalic acid, oxalic acid will penetrate and corrosion lights, then it leaks.
Then if the installation is smooth, there are drainage measures, won‘t it leak?
Unfortunately, even to such degree, then buried lights may be leaking!
③ wire connection
There is one possible reason for the occurrence of water leakage - wire connection.
Ordinary tape wiring is not waterproof, because the water vapor will be along the tape gap into the interior of the lamp, inside the lamp to form a drop of water mist.
So a reasonable way should be to use waterproof junction box, the cable relief of box when tighten, it can ensure the waterproof performance and won‘t let water vapor in.
Some buried light would use male female waterproof connector, in fact it cannot be waterproof, due to the production tolerance, the item quality or other reasons, the lights would be failed to be waterproof.
Wrap tape and silicone glue outside the connector is the double assurance to achieve waterproof.
Old lights need to be tighten in construction, there is particular order, tighten the screws one by one in the direction of cross, first tighten a little bit and then gradually forced to tighten all, so as to be smooth to tighten.
The integrated lights don‘t need screws now, only need pay attention to wire connection in installation, the waterproof function can be hand over to factory.
The reason of buried light leakage, either lights unqualified quality, or installation problem.
Taking what we talked above into consideration, now we can know how to hand over the lights leakage.

Why IP67 buried lights still leaking? This passage has told you.