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How to correctly choose the terminal waterproof junction box?


To choose a waterproof junction box, we need to know the basic three elements.

First: how many A and how many terminals are needed inside, we can get the A number according to power/voltage=current.

Second: Do we need to open a hole for the in and out line processing?If we need to know how many sets of lines are in and how many sets of lines are out.For example, we need a junction box with one input and four output, and our line is 3*2.5 square, then if the standard configuration, we need 12-bit terminal, the specific algorithm (four-out *3 core wire=12)

Third: The most important thing is the diameter of the incoming and outgoing wires, because the waterproof connector should be equipped according to the wire diameter.Others should be judged according to your own use environment, use scene, waterproof level, box size, these need to be selected by yourself, you can consult customer service.