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Precautions for the use of waterproof connectors

1) The glass sintered sealed electrical female device should be protected from strong blows or falling to avoid damaging the internal structure and affecting the sealing performance.

2) When the waterproof connector is in a separated state, a protective cover should be installed separately to take other dust-proof measures; if the waterproof connector does not separate for a long time after being connected, an insurance can be placed between the plug and the socket.

3) When cleaning the waterproof connector, you can use a silk cloth dipped in anhydrous alcohol, and it can be used after drying for ten. Chemical reagents such as acetone that may have a harmful effect on the waterproof connector are not allowed.

4) When connecting the waterproof connector, avoid loosening of the tail accessories and damage to the cable core.
5) Before the waterproof connector is properly connected in place and fully locked, it is forbidden to power on.
6) The waterproof connector should not be used to prevent loose mounting when the screw connection is fixed and positioned to be clamped by the wire harness.

7) When the connected plug and socket are waterproof connectors without positioning shells, in order to ensure that the fixed plug and socket can be aligned, the plug and socket should be fixed in a difficult-to-fit state.

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