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What are the common wiring modes of outdoor LED lamps?


The use environment shall be considered first for the wiring of outdoor LED lamps. There are many factors to be considered outdoors, such as waterproof and dustproof, high temperature resistance, aging resistance, etc. The cable connection is not well protected, and many safety accidents may occur in use, so protective measures will be taken under normal circumstances.

Most of our high-power LED floodlights are used in various outdoor environments, such as under trees, bushes and pools in landscaping, so how can we ensure the waterproof of the wiring of outdoor LED floodlights in these humid, sunny and rainy environments? First of all, the standard protection grade of our lamps is ip65-ip68, that is, the lamps have the function of dust prevention and rain protection, but they can not reach the level of immersion in water, so we must pay attention to the installation. Generally, the exposed wiring is directly connected with the main line on site. The outgoing line of the lamps is about 30-50cm long. How to ensure the waterproof and leakage after connecting with the main line connector? Our engineering solutions are:

1. A waterproof junction box shall be installed at the wiring position of the day line pipe, and the wire head is in the junction box, which can play a double protection.

2. The simple way is to wrap the joint with insulating tape at the junction, then wrap it with waterproof tape, and then wrap a layer of insulating tape. In general, the waterproof is completely reliable outdoors;

3. Professional waterproof wiring connector is adopted, and the connector is tightened at both ends of the connector. Generally, the protection grade of waterproof connector can also reach above IP67,

matters needing attention:

The general voltage of LED line lamp is AC220V, DC12V and DC24V. Therefore, it is necessary to select an appropriate switching power supply. The size of the power supply is determined according to the power and connection length of LED light bar. It should be noted that DC12V and DC24V must not be connected to AC220V, otherwise all the lamp beads will be burned out. DC12V cannot be connected to the control power supply of DC24V; Otherwise, the power will more than double, and it is easy to burn out the lamp beads. AC220V light belt can be directly connected to the mains power. RGB colorful LED light band needs to use a controller to realize the changing effect. Generally, four lines are used to distinguish black, red, green and blue. Colorful light strips generally have a common anode, that is, there is a + 12V black line on the light strip, and the others are negative. RGB is connected to the corresponding red, green and Blue interface or power line.