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What does IP68 waterproof grade mean and how is the concept defined?


IP68 is the classification of waterproof and dustproof. It is the protection level of the electrical equipment shell against the invasion of foreign matters. The source is the Standard IEC 60529 of the International Electrotechnical Commission, which was also adopted as the American national standard in 2004. In this standard, for the protection of electrical equipment shell against foreign matters, the format of IP grade is ipxx, where XX is two Arabic numerals. The first marked number represents the protection grade of contact protection and foreign objects, and the second marked number represents the waterproof protection grade. IP is the code used internationally to identify the protection grade. IP grade is composed of two numbers, and the first number represents dust prevention; The second number indicates waterproof. The larger the number, the better the protection.

IP68 definition
IP68 is the highest level of connector waterproof grade standard. As we all know, the waterproof performance of waterproof connector mainly depends on the last two digits of ipxx, the first X is from 0 to 6, and the highest level is 6; The second X is from 0 to 8, and the highest level is 8; Therefore, the highest waterproof grade of the connector is IP68. In other words, IP68 connector is the connector with the highest waterproof grade. In the market, there are many connectors with waterproof grade standard of IP68, but in the real sense, there are still few IP68 connectors with excellent sealing performance and safe and reliable quality in the market. The IP68 test standard of some brands is: put the connector product into a water depth of 10 meters and work for 2 weeks; The good performance of the product can still be maintained when it is put into a water depth of 100 meters and tested for 12 hours.

According to IEC 529-598 and GB 7000-96, it is classified according to the degree of protection against the invasion of foreign matters and water. For example, IP65, the first digit corresponds to grade 6 in (1), indicating complete dust prevention. The second digit corresponds to grade 5 in (2), which means to prevent water spray from entering, and so on.

(1) Foreign matter prevention
First digit protection level details
0 no special protection requirements
1. Prevent foreign matters larger than 50mm from entering, and prevent large-area objects from entering, such as palm, etc
2 prevent foreign matters larger than 12mm from entering and prevent objects such as fingers from entering
3. Prevent foreign matters larger than 2.5mm from entering and prevent tools, wires, etc
4 prevent foreign matters larger than 1.0mm from entering, and prevent wires, strips and other objects from entering
5 dust prevention (prevent foreign matters less than 1.0mm from entering) excessive dust is not allowed to enter, so that the equipment cannot work satisfactorily

6 dust tight (completely dustproof) no dust is allowed to enter

(2) Waterproof
Second digit protection level brief description of protection details
0 no special protection requirements
1. Prevent water drops from entering the vertical drop, and the drop shall be harmless
2. Prevent the water drop inclined by 15 °, and the vertical water drop shall be harmless when the lamp is in the normal position and up to the inclined angle of 15 °
3. Prevent the water from entering the place at an angle of 60 ° from the vertical. The water sprayed shall be harmless
4 prevent splashing water from entering any direction and splashing water on the lamp shell shall be harmless
5 prevent water from entering any direction and spray water on the enclosure of the lamp shall be harmless
6 prevent the sea wave from entering, and the water entering the lamp shell after strong water spraying will not damage the lamp
7. Immerse the lamps with water at a certain pressure and time, and the amount of water entering shall be harmless
8. Anti diving under the specified conditions, the lamps can be continuously submerged in the water without injury