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How to judge the quality of surge lightning protector?


Surge lightning protector, also known as surge lightning protector, is referred to as lightning protector for short. It is an electronic device that provides safety protection for various electronic equipment, instruments and communication lines. When the peak current or voltage is suddenly generated in the electrical circuit or communication line due to external interference, the surge lightning protector can conduct and shunt in a very short time, so as to avoid the damage of surge to other equipment in the circuit.

You need to be very careful when buying surge arresters, because the market is full of a large number of products that hardly work. Studying a specific model is the best way to ensure that you buy the right product, but careful attention to several quality certification marks can also well understand the performance level of the product.

First, please check the price. Generally speaking, don't expect too much from those surge arresters whose price is significantly lower than the unit price of the same product in the market. These devices usually use simple and low-cost MOVs with limited capacity, which will not protect your system in case of large surges or spikes.

Of course, high price does not guarantee that the quality must be good. For example, in the American market, if you need to know the electrical parameters of the equipment, you need to check the nominal value on its safety certificate. ETL and UL are authoritative safety certification bodies in the Americas, which provide safety testing for electrical and electronic products. If there is no sign of any safety certification authority on the surge lightning protector, it may be a garbage product, or even there is no role of any protective element at all! If it uses MOVs, the quality of these MOVs may also be very poor. Cheap MOVs are easy to overheat, which will lead to the fire of the whole surge lightning protector. In fact, this kind of thing often happens!

Of course, many products with safety signs may also be low-quality products, but at least we can ensure that they still have a certain protection ability and can barely meet the safety standards. If this product can also have the safety certification of other regions, such as Europe and China, the quality credibility and assurance of this product will be greatly strengthened! In order to ensure the quality of products and actively cooperate with certification companies, many products developed and produced by Shenzhen greenway Electronics Co., Ltd. have obtained German TUV safety certification in Europe, ETL safety certification in the Americas and China CQC safety certification in Asia, and can provide corresponding and most appropriate product selection schemes according to customers' requirements for surge and lightning protection.

In addition, we also suggest that you should buy surge lightning protectors with working status indicators, especially parallel products, so that you can judge whether the protective elements are still working. After multiple surges, all MOVs inside the parallel lightning arrester may have been burned out, but the lightning arrester will still work as a power board. Without the power indicator, you will not know whether the parallel lightning arrester is still working normally. Of course, for the lightning arrester with series circuit structure, you can consider not using the working status indicator.

A better surge lightning protector may provide some performance guarantee. If you want to buy more expensive equipment, please look for surge protector with quality assurance. Although this can not be fully insured, because there is no 100% effective surge lightning protector, even the most high-end line equipment may have some serious problems. In fact, electronics experts also have some differences on the best way to eliminate power surges, and different manufacturers are still criticizing each other for the inherent defects of their technologies.