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Share several customer examples with special requirements for lightning protector


At present, surge lightning protection devices in the market are generally standard products, which can be used as soon as they are used. But this is not absolute, because some customers always have some special requirements for the products they design and produce, which requires the surge arrester manufacturer to provide targeted product solutions to these special requirements of customers with technical strength, so as to meet the real needs of customers.

Over the years, we have provided many customers with products and services of surge lightning protection devices, including outdoor lighting manufacturers and network equipment manufacturers. These customers have different requirements for surge lightning protection devices. Here, we have collected and sorted out several representative customer requirements and shared them with you for your reference.


Nature of customer: a Japanese funded LED lighting factory in Dongguan.

As a Japanese funded company, the customer has very strict requirements for product quality, and even some requirements beyond the standard. Samples have been taken from many surge arrester manufacturers before, and some of them fail to meet the requirements of customers; Some are unable to provide corresponding solutions for the special use requirements of this customer;

Customers' products: mainly produce LED lamps for outdoor engineering, mainly tunnel lamps;

Customer requirements: it is required to pass the 500V insulation and voltage withstand test of the whole lamp, and have the authoritative safety certification in Europe;

Test process: at that time, the customer's procurement and our business communication did not explain the special requirements. In early July 2019, our company provided the sample of surge lightning protector with model gspd 1 for the first time. After the test, the other party's engineers reported that the insulation withstand voltage test was unqualified.

After direct communication between our engineers and the technicians of the other party, the test failed to pass the insulation test of the whole lamp. At this time, the customer was told that they had a special requirement for 500V insulation test.

So we changed the design scheme again according to the special requirements of the customer, and made the samples again and provided them to the other party for testing. We were full of expectation and thought that there must be no problem this time. Unexpectedly, the customer notified after the test that our sample passed the 500 volt insulation withstand voltage test, but failed to pass the lightning test!

Surge lightning protector does not protect against lightning, which is a very serious problem! After preliminary telephone communication with the customer, we went to the customer's factory laboratory for on-site inspection. We found that there should not be a problem with the sample quality of our surge lightning protector, but probably the customer's driver! The normal withstand voltage of the driver used for this type of lamps should reach 1500V. Our engineer judges that the driver currently used by the customer should not reach this withstand voltage index.

The customer's engineers have great working experience and rigorous working attitude. After accepting our suggestions and testing the driver they use, it is found that the withstand voltage of the driver is really less than 1500V; Later, after contacting their driver suppliers, we learned that the driver products they bought were special products on sale, so the withstand voltage of the driver was really less than 1000 volts, which confirmed that the original judgment of our engineers was completely correct!

Therefore, according to the actual situation of the customer's driver, we adjusted the internal structure scheme of surge lightning protector again, and made a sample for the third time and sent it to the customer for testing. I remember that it was the third sample delivery in late July 2019, and the final test results were exciting: the overall test of installing lamps was conducted at the customer's place, and all test items passed successfully at one time!

The final result: in recent years, this Japanese funded customer has not had any lamp quality problems caused by surge lightning protector. The customer expressed great recognition for the technical strength of Shenzhen greenway Electronics Co., Ltd. and was very satisfied with the quality of our surge lightning protector products! Therefore, over the years, the customer has continuously and stably purchased and used the surge lightning protector products of Shenzhen greenway Electronics Co., Ltd!