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Hazard examples of using inferior lightning protectors

Not long ago, we published an article "how to judge the quality of surge lightning protection devices?" Soon after the article was issued from the official account, some customers asked Xiaobian: will the use of inferior lightning protectors really cause harm and loss? In this regard, we now share a practical case. However, in order to avoid causing unnecessary trouble, we have hidden the name of this outdoor LED lamp factory and lightning arrester manufacturer in this article. However, this situation is completely true, and there are pictures and facts.

What happened:

1. An outdoor LED lamp factory in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, obtained two orders for 2000 LED street lamps exported to Saudi Arabia, of which one order for 1000 street lamps had a good profit, so it chose our 10kV lightning protector products;
2. Another order was for 1000 LED street lamps, but the profit was relatively poor, so we chose another supplier's 10kV lightning protector, which is cheap;
3. In June 2019, the 2000 LED street lamps were installed in Saudi Arabia. As a result, a serious lightning accident occurred in September of the same year!

4. At that time, the 1000 lamps with inferior lightning arresters were damaged by lightning in a very short time, and combustion occurred inside the lamps, directly burning out the drivers! It not only caused irreversible losses to the lamps, but also caused huge and heavy economic losses and goodwill losses to the lamp production factory! Specific pictures are as follows: 

5.For the lamps using the lightning protector provided by our company, only one lamp was damaged by lightning strike, but there was no burning inside the lamp, so the drivers were also intact. As long as a new lightning protector was replaced, this led street lamp can be used again. Specific pictures are as follows:

Accident cause analysis:

1. As the saying goes: cheap is not good! In order to reduce the cost, inferior lightning protectors use inferior components internally, resulting in that the products actually can not reach the declared lightning protection level, and it is even more impossible to use safety tripping protection devices internally;

2. The reason why our lightning protector products do not cause losses to customers is that the internal design of our lightning protector products is reasonable: not only high-quality lightning protection components are used internally, but also safety tripping protection devices are used.

Final summary:

1. The quality of lightning protection products is not only determined by the quality of lightning protection components used internally, but also has a great relationship with the rationality of internal structural design: the use of inferior lightning protection components and internal unreasonable structural design will certainly cause the quality of lightning protection devices to be not guaranteed;

2. We suggest that outdoor lamp manufacturers, when selecting lightning protector products, must first understand whether their outdoor lamps are installed in strong lightning strike areas; If it is used in strong lightning strike area, it is recommended to use lightning protector products with higher protection grade;

3. In strong lightning strike areas, we suggest that outdoor lamp manufacturers must choose lightning protectors with internal safety tripping protection devices; At the same time, it is strongly recommended that the lightning protector used with the driver should preferably be a series circuit lightning protector;

4. If the selected lightning protector does not have a safety trip protection device, or has no confidence in the quality of the lightning protector, we suggest that the safety distribution box can also be used under the street lamp pole, and another parallel lightning protector can be used in the safety distribution box. In this way, two lightning protectors are used for one lamp, so as to achieve the effect of double protection.

Concluding remarks

As a manufacturer of safety lightning protectors, Shenzhen greenway Electronics Co., Ltd. adheres to the use of high-quality lightning protection components and reasonable internal structure design. Therefore, all the lightning protectors of the company have obtained the German TUV safety certification in Europe, the ETL safety certification in America and the CQC safety certification in China, which can maximize the safety of customer products, So as to avoid unnecessary economic and goodwill losses.